In a nutshell, we provides specialist consulting services in relation to the formation,  management and development of international business expansion cluster initiatives for Scottish small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We call these initiatives Bridgehead Cluster Ventures (BCVs).

BVCs are designed to bridge the gap between

  • Export Sales and Agent/Distributors on the one hand; and
  • Permanent Overseas Establishments on the other hand.

BVCs seek to overcome the inherent disadvantages of relying on the Export Sales/ and Agents/Distributors business models and the costs and risks associated with proceeding to Permanent Overseas Establishment.

Our scope of services will vary from mandate to mandate – we aim to be flexible and versatile and mindful that no two mandates are the same – but typically may include:

  • Cluster participants scoping and introductions
  • Local Partner due diligence and appointment
  • General Manager due diligence and appointment
  • Bridgehead Venture Cluster Collaboration Agreements
  • Bridgehead Venture Cluster Management & Supervision
  • Exit & Next Steps Planning & Management

A Bridgehead Clusters Venture mandate normally comprises the following stages –

  • Scope of Cluster Opportunity, Formation of Cluster Participants and Appointment of Local Partner and General Manager and Launch of BVC (6 to 12 months)
  • Management and Supervision of BVC (12 to 24 months)
  • Exit to Next Level Arrangements (6 to 12 months)